Mother Mountain Productions

V   i   r   t   u   a   l       R   e   a   l   i   t   y

'The only mountain you have to conquer is yourself'

Sir Edmund Hillary

Delivering interactive training programmes uniquely tailored for each user

Dynamically driven by the training requirements of organisations and users' specific learning needs

Adaptive Virtual Reality
Training Platform

Immersive Virtual Reality training to help your organisation grow

A device management platform that remotely updates headsets and tablets with new content and collects user data.

Scalable and adaptive content management process, meeting the changing need so for organisations and individuals

VR Training

360 degree VR capture and live action coverage.

People and environments captured in high resolution for an immersive user experience.

Individualised training programme, unique to each user’s needs and learning style.

Secure data management.

Trainer dashboard provides granular learning insights. High level of time and cost efficiency.

A device management platform that remotely updates headsets and tablets with new content and collects user data

Scalable and adaptive content management process meeting the changing needs of organisations and individuals

Back-end data system using programmable metrics which can apply machine learning and AI.

Providing actionable insight into the learning process to re-shape the way we deliver learning programmes for users


Greater Manchester Police

Greater Manchester Police have been working in conjunction with Mother Mountain Productions since October 2018 and I have never failed to be impressed by their dedication, broad knowledge base and attention to detail. The delivery and composition of their products is unlike anything I have encountered from such a company before and it’s thanks to their expertise, care and flexibility that we are able to deliver training packages which are recognised as a world-first in policing

May Preston
Inspector, Greater Manchester Police

Wigan Council

The opportunity to work in partnership with Mother Mountain Productions ( MMP) was exciting for the Community Safety Partnership at Wigan Council both in terms of the cutting edge approach used by MMP to raise awareness and educate our young people on a variety of topics ( knife crime, cyberbullying). We have worked extensively over the past year and their passion, professionalism and experience , in all delivery aspects of the project, is already yielding tangible results.

Paul Whitemoss
Service Manager, Safeguarding Wigan Council